MCPS Food and Nutrition Program

  • For the past two years, school meals have been free for every child in the United States due to the public health emergency. However, in June, the federal waiver for free school meals expired. This means that starting this year, students will no longer automatically receive free breakfasts and lunches. However, our Breakfasts in the Classrooms Program for MCPS Elementary and Middle Schools will continue this school year, meaning breakfasts will continue to be provided for free for our K-8 students. 


    How to Pay for School Meals

    Money - cash or a check - may be dropped off at the front office of the school. Teachers and kitchen staff can also accept cash or checks. Please be sure to provide your student’s first and last name with every payment. Parents may also call 406-728-2400 ext. 3023 or ext. 3027 to pay via credit or debit card. All MCPS students who would like breakfast or lunch at school will be given a meal, regardless of their meal account status. 

    Breakfast Program - USDA School Breakfast Program

    • MCPS students have the opportunity to get a filling and nutritionally complete breakfast before school begins each day.  A variety of food is served, including yogurt, breakfast oat bars, breakfast burritos, pancakes, and french toast.  All of the meals that are served include at least one serving of whole grains, a serving of fruit, 100% fruit juice and low-fat or non-fat white milk. 
    • At MCPS Elementary and Middle Schools, breakfast is served in the classroom at the start of the day.  Breakfast is available and FREE for Elementary and Middle School students!

     Lunch Program - USDA National School Lunch Program

    • The District produces, on average, 6,000 meals a day.  The Central Kitchen staff prepare and distribute roughly 3,000 of those meals to 12 schools throughout Missoula. Behind the scenes.... projection numbers are worked-out weeks in advance, recipes are batched out, and ingredients ordered.
    • With the help of Let's Move Salad Bars in Schools, all K-8 schools have been able to offer salad bars since 2014! Research shows that incorporating salad bars into school lunches increases students' consumption of fruits and vegetables.  Salad bars are available to students at every lunch and, when possible, local produce is provided.