•  World Languages Curriculum

    The MCPS World Languages curriculum was developed by a committee of Missoula's professional educators.  It is based on current research and best practices and is intended to help prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges they face in our 21st Century global society. 


    • All students can succeed linguistically and culturally in our global economy and society.
    • Second language acquisition provides the vision and skills necessary to be a global citizen.
    • A primary goal of world language education is real-life communication as represented by the common core state standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.
    • World language education develops critical thinking skills.
    • Formative and summative assessment must reflect the goals and learning targets set forth in this curriculum document.
    • World languages must be part of the common core curriculum and aligned with common core state standards in 21st Century schools.
    • A K-12 articulated world language program should be available to all learners at all levels as they increase their language performance from novice to intermediate to advanced.

    You can view the contents below and the entire curriculum document with Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  If you cannot view a portion or all of this document, you can request a copy by contacting Kathy Strelnik in the Curriculum Office at 728-2400, Ext. 1045.

Middle School (Grades 6-8) Curriculum