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    District Communications 

    Tyler Christensen, Communications Specialist
    (406) 728-2400 ext. 1024
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    The District wishes to meaningfully share district news and maintain a variety of communication tools that connect students, parents, employees and community members. We strive to support the district's five main goals and the 21st Century Model of Education.  
    Change Element:  MCPS will develop, launch, and evaluate communication tools that foster transparent conversation in support of our learners, educators, parents, and community members. 
    Communication Tools 


     Link to MCPS Websites which includes an infographic of a computer monitor Link to MCPS ParentLink which includes a infographic of a telephone Link to Infofinder which includes an infographic of a school bus
    Link to employee newsletters that includes an infographic of an envelope Link to the Districts Bonds and Levy information including an infographic of a dollar sign Link to volunteer portal which includes a infographic of three people stick figures linked together


    We always welcome your comments and suggestions for enhancing district communications.