Social Studies Curriculum

  • The object of the Social Studies curriculum is to define the knowledge and skills that our students need to successfully participate in the 21st Century.  With a firm grounding in history and the social studies, our students should have the capacity to make wise choices and to be full participants in a rapidly changing state, nation, and world.

    Our highly complex society needs well-educated minds and understanding hearts; it needs men and women who understand our political institutions and are prepared to assume the responsibilities of active citizenship.  Our students need to understand our history, our institutions, our ideals, our values, our economy, and our relations with other nations in the world because we live in an interdependent world and function in a global economy.  Specifically, we want our students to learn about the cultures, societies, and economic systems that prevail in other parts of the world and to recognize the political cultural barriers that divide people as well as the common human qualities that unite them.  Students will ultimately demonstrate their comprehension of this social studies curriculum through their active participation and commitment as citizens.  The story of our nation continues to unfold--what happens next will be determined by today’s students.  Our goal is to prepare them well. 

Tools for Teachers

Task Force Updates

    • The Social Studies curriculum review began in 2022-23 and will continue into the fall of 23-24