Coaching Model

  • Curriculum & Instruction coaches support all teachers instructionally through work with PLCs, curriculum implementation, and support for new faculty.  Teachers can earn PIR  & OPI renewal credits for participating in Learning Walks and Coaching Cycles with the collaboration of a coach.  For additional information, requirements and details view the following document:

    MCPS Coaching Framework  

    Instructional Coaching Overview:

    • Instructional Coaching focuses on Improvement Science and the premise that we're all working for continual improvement
    • Instructional coaches work collaboratively with participating teachers to identify needs, set instructional goals, co-construct steps to meet the goal and offer on-going support


    • Plans and coordinates professional learning
    • Assist teachers to enhance the capacity of planning and delivering standards-based instruction that is grounded in analysis of student learning
    • Assists and offers suggestions related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and/or behavior management
    • Offers the following instructional support: 
      • Coaching cycles - an opportunity for teachers and instructional coaches to work collaboratively to address a teacher's identified need and to learn by doing using improvement science and the PDSA cycle
      • Learning walks - a way to bring professional learning right to the classroom giving teachers the opportunity to collaborate and reflect on teaching practices in a non-evaluate partnership
      • Co-teaching - a method of teaching that offers the opportunity for more individualized instruction where teachers and coaches collaboratively implement instructional practices to meet the learning needs of students
      • Video analysis - a great tool for teacher self-reflection, identifying student needs and goal setting with the support of instructional coaches
      • 1:1 check in sessions - an opportunity for teachers to collaborate with instructional coaches for support in a variety of areas including instructional practices, programs, curriculum, technology and other areas of need

Professional Reading

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