New Faculty


    Welcome to the MCPS/MEA New Faculty Page. On this page you will find helpful resources on a variety of topics within MCPS. If you would like us to add a resource please email Brittnie Keilman or Katie LaPointe. We are happy to help!   

    Important Dates for 2019-20 New Faculty:

    • Optional Work Sessions - We offer monthly 2 hour work sessions for PIR/PAY from 4-6pm in Ad Building, Room 14.
    • Work Session Exit Ticket


      *Come with questions on anything that you need help on (eg: technology, engagement strategies, etc)

      • Sept. 23 - Tech issues, What you need*

      • Oct. 23 - Payroll Q&A, What you need*

      • Nov. 18 - Evaluation Process, What you need*

      • Dec. 2 - Saftey Protocols, What you need*

      • January 13 - District Communication Policies & Social Media Guidelines, What you need*

      • Feb 5- ELL/Gifted & SPARK Information
      • Feb. 24-  Arenas Interview Info, What you need*

      • April  15- IEFA & Calling CPS, What you need*

    • All District PLC Dates for individual subjects are available on the Teaching & Learning Calendar.