Missoula Online Academy

  • The MCPS Online Academy is our completely online K-12 school dedicated to supporting our staff and students who cannot return to face to face learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The MCPS Online Academy will be available to students while we are in Phase 0 - 2 of our phased reopening plan. The Online Academy may stay open to certain students who qualify due to significant health issues once we reach Phase 3 of our reopening plan.

    K-12 students will be taught by MCPS educators, however, they may not be a teacher who is a member of your student’s home school.

    The MCPS Online Academy will be a trusting learning environment for students and staff, with a focus on connecting ourselves deeply in our learning community even while socially distanced and online.

    • The MCPS Online Academy will start class on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

    Once classes start, we will follow the same academic schedule as all MCPS elementary, middle and high schools with regard to holidays, professional days, parent teacher conferences, etc

Meet Your Principal

  • Rae Cooper, Principal of the MCPS Online Academy, brings 17 years of teaching, administrative, and instructional technology experience to our online school. As a former elementary and middle school teacher and vice principal, Ms. Cooper has experience with school-wide climate and culture systems, working collaboratively with teachers, parents and students to meet student progress benchmarks. In addition she has years of experience as an Instructional Technology Coordinator and Technology Director implementing new systems and training teachers on best practices for technology-enriched instruction, blended instruction, and data informed instruction.



    • Registration for the MCPS Online Academy opens Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
    • All students who attend the MCPS Online Academy must be students enrolled in one of our 17 elementary, middle, or high schools.
    • Students will remain enrolled at their current school and will be assigned to the MCPS Online Academy.
    • MCPS is not currently enrolling students who reside outside of our district in any of our schools including the MCPS Online Academy
    • Each student who participates in the MCPS Online Academy will be asked to make a commitment for the first semester. Transfer requests into the MCPS Online Academy or back to the in person learning environment will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


  • Grading structures in the MCPS Online Academy will be consistent with our in-person instructional environments.

Curriculum Materials, Books, Devices

  • We will provide learning kits for K-5 students participating in the MCPS Online Academy. 

    We will prioritize loaning laptops/chromebooks and hotspots to our K-12 students who are participating in the MCPS Online Academy.

    Middle and high School students will have access to supplementary online learning materials through an online learning platform. We have selected this platform to ensure that our middle and high school students have access to a full range of academic content.

Food and Nutrition

    • Students who participate in the MCPS Online Academy will have access to a Grab and Go meal pickup (breakfast and lunch in one bag) at each of our school sites.
    • Meal prices, including free and reduced price options, will apply
    • Students who qualify will be offered EmPower Packs, nutrition support for weekends, each Friday when they pick up their Grab and Go meal

Special Education Support

    • If you choose the Online Academy for the first semester, your student’s IEP team will convene to plan for what services may look like as soon as possible.
    • Special Education supports and services will be provided by or in consultation with qualified teachers and related service providers.

Counseling and Mental Health Support

  • MCPS Online Academy students will have counseling support for social and emotional learning as well as course planning toward graduation requirements. We are still working out details about how MCPS Online Academy students will access individual mental health resources.