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    April 6-10
    M: start Ch. 14
    W: finish Ch. 14 & notes; Mansa Musa
    R: Ch. 14 crossword
    F: movie from last week
    Tuesday, March 31 
    • go to Mrs. GG's google classroom GG Current Events
    • class code is: ufyaf6e  
    • follow instructions to complete work on junior scholastic article
    Thursday, April 2
    • go to Mrs. GG's google classroom 
    • class code is: ufyaf6e
    • follow instructions to complete work on junior scholastic article
    March 23-27
    No work for this week
    March 9-11
    M: Ch. 13 crossword; test on Wed.
    T:  test review; start  "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind"
    W: Ch. 13 Test; movie
    March 2-6
    M: Review for Ch. 12 Test tomorrow; read JS articles p. 7-11 & 14-17
    T:  Ch. 12 Test; JS-Species at Risk Map Skills (p. 11); YES/NO/ME on Pay for Teen Workers; Political Cartoon (1-4)
    W: Start Ch. 13  Salt Mines
    R:  finish Ch. 13;  
    F:  Ski Day
    February 24-28
    Ch. 12 Text       audio 12.2-12.3  12.4  12.5  
    M: Africa Maps due; documentary from last week
    T:  Start Ch. 12-Gallery Walk; Ancient Societies Map
    W: Read Ch. 12 & notes 
    R:  Ch. 12 crossword puzzle
    F:  answer questions on video African Savannah Wildlife   video questions
    February 17-21
    M: No School
    T:  grade Islam packets; finish movie
    W: Start Africa unit; geo challenge map Africa Regions & Kingdoms
    R: Africa Facts & Video Africa's Geography
    F:  finish video; start current map of Africa
    February 10-14
    M: No School for students 
    T:  begin Ch. 11 & notes The Crusades in 5
    W: Ch. 11 & notes 
    R: start Aladdin
    F: Aladdin
    February 3-7
    M: go over CW; test review; work on projects
    T:  Ch. 10 TEST; JS Maps Skills & QS on Instagram; projects due tomorrow
    W: turn in projects; start Chess
    R: Chess
    F: finish JS; Chess
    January 27-31
    M: "Muslim Teenagers" documentary
    T:  start Ch. 10
    W: Ch. 10 
    R: finish Ch. 10 
    F: Ch. 10 crossword; discuss project
    January 20-24
    M: No School
    T: projects due; start GEO Bee
    W: GEO Bee
    R: no class-Field Trip
    F: finish GEO Bee
    January 13-17
    M: Learn Arabic from Mrs. Fullerton
    T: "Inside Mecca" documentary Inside Mecca
    W: 5 Pillars of Faith Drawings (no English words, @ least 1 object to reprent the pillar, all colored in, can have Arabic)
    R:  Test Review; work on Pillars
    F: Ch. 9 TEST; 5 Pillars due Tuesday (1/21)
    January 6-10
    Ch. 9 Text   Ch. 9 Notes  Quizlet Flashcards   audio 9.2-9.3  9.4  9.5  9.6  9.7  9.8  9.9  9.10
    M: finish JS Almanac map skills
    T:  grade map skills; start Ch. 9
    W: 9.4-9.7
    R:  9.8-9.10
    F: Ch. 9 crossword
    December 16-20
    M: Test review; Ch. 8 Book Cover
    T:  Ch. 8 Partner TEST;  book cover
    W: finish book cover; Animated Movie on Muhammad The Prophet Muhammad
    R:  JS Map Skills on Europe/Africa/N. America
    F:  HR rotation day
    December 9-13
    M: Test Review; finish documentary
    T:  Ch. 7 Test; JS Map Skills
    W: Frankincense part II documentary
    R:  Start Ch. 8
    F:   finish Ch. 8; crossword puzzle
    December 2-6
    Ch. 7 Text          Audio 7.2-7.3 7.4-7.6         Ch. 7 Notes        Quizlet Flashcards   Frankincense Trail Part 1
    M: Ch. 7 intro; color map of Arabian Peninsula; ME Map due tomorrow
    T:  check maps; read Ch. 7 with notes
    W: Ch. 7 with notes; camel facts
    R:  Ch. 7 crossword puzzle
    F:  Test review; start Frankincence Trail Documentary; Ch. 7 Test on Monday
    November 25-26
    M: Middle East maps Middle East Map  ME Map Requirements
    T:  maps (due Tuesday 12/3)
    November 18-22
    M: Joan of Arc
    T:  grade packets
    W: movie
    R:  Middle East map
    F:  map
    November 11-14
    M: Joan of Arc
    T:  Joan of Arc-brochures due
    W: Joan of Arc
    R:  1/2 day of school
    November 4-8
    M: Ch. 5 Open Book Test
    T:  Lady Griz game
    W: Read Ch. 6
    R:  Ch. 6-start brochure
    F:  brochure; Ch. 6 crossword (ex. credit)
    Oct. 28-Nov. 1
    M: Ch. 4 TEST today; read JS articles
    T:  Read Chapter 5 & notes
    W: Ch. 5 crossword 
    R:  No Class--Halloween Fun Day!
    F:  finish JS
    October 21-25
    M: letters due; read Ch. 4 & notes; Italian Glass Making; 2 voice poem Jacob & Petronella
    T:  finish ch. 4 & notes
    W: Ch. 4 crossword Castle Life
    R:  video on Medieval Doctors
    F:  Test review--Test Monday on Ch. 4; challenges  
    October 14-16
    M: work on illuminated letters (due next Monday)
    T: JS-article on immigrant children-write a QS
    W: start Ch. 4--pics, watch video The Merchant
    October 7-11
    M: video Life in the Middle Ages-The Monk The Monk--5 Facts/5 Opinions
    T:  cathderal drawings 
    W: Ch. 3 crossword puzzle
    R:  grade spirals; JS-Fake News (5 ways to know it's fake, 3 ways to prevent)
    F:  Cathedrals due Monday; start Illuminated Manuscripts
    Sept 30-Oct 4
    M:  Ch. 2 TEST; JS China Map Skills p. 21; Debate: Naps at School (2 Pros, 2 Cons)
    T:  start reading Ch. 3 with notes 
    W: Ch. 3 & notes  
    R:  JS article "Our Water was Poison" (PEGS Facts-2 of each)
    F:  Manor challenges; start cathedral drawing Cathedral Architecture
    September 23-27
    M: The Worst Jobs in the Middle Ages- 5 Facts/5 Opinions Worst Jobs in the MA
    T:  Video on the Knight 
    W: Video on the Serf
    R:  Ch. 2 crossword 
    F:  review for test on Ch. 2 Monday; manor challenges
    September 16-20
    M: go over cw; review for Ch. 1 test tomorrow
    T: Ch. 1 Test today
    W: start Ch. 2 
    R: Ch. 2 
    F: video on Nobles   
    September 9-13
    Audio: 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6       Ch. 1 Text     Ch. 1 Notes and Pics     Quizlet Flashcards
    M: PEGS on JS article; current map of Europe List of countries and Map
    T:  finish Europe map;Europe Fun Facts; start medieval map Medieval Map Requirements
    W: read chapter 1; start notes  
    R:  finish Ch. 1 notes 
    F:  Ch. 1 crossword puzzle 
    September 3-6
    M:  no School--Black White Map
    T:   world maps (Due Monday 9/9)World Map Requirements
    W:  work on maps
    R:   Current Events-Map Skills p. 11 (1-10), p. 21 (1-5)
    F:   Current Events-PEGS; Debate QS; article on Refugees 
    August 28-30
    W: first day of school, Geography Analogies
    R:  start map of continents
    F:  world map- Goal is @ least 3-4 done today
    June 10-12
    M: grade Japan packets
    W: Last Day of School
    June 3-7
    M: Ch. 20 & 21 crosswords
    T: Ch. 22 & notes Ch. 22 notes 
    W: finish ch. 22; crossword
    R: Samurai video w/ facts The Way of the Samurai
    F: finish video
    May 27-31
    M:No School
    T: Ch. 20 20.2-20.3 20.4-20.5 20.6-20.8 20.9-20.10; Japan Video Atlas Japan
    W:Ch. 20; finish video Ch. 20 Notes 
    F: Ch. 21 & notes & ch. 20 crossword 
    May 20-24
    M: last day to work on poem
    T:  present poems
    W: no class--Fieldtrip
    R:  label map of Japan Japan Map 
    F:  No Class-Fieldtrip
    May 13-17
    Periods 1-3
    M: cnn; go over crossword; draw instruments & visual art
    W: Africa Culture Poem Culture Poem
    F:  Poem (due Tuesday)
    Periods 6-7
    T:  cnn; go over crossword; draw instruments & visual art
    R: Africa Culture Poem
    F: Poem (due Tuesday)
    May 6-10
    M: Test Review
    T:  Ch. 14 TEST; JS activities "Remembering Matthew Shepard" MS Questions
    W: JS-"Fighting Their Way Out of Poverty" PEGS Facts; Map Skills p. 9; YES/NO/YOU p. 22-23
    R:  Start Ch. 15 Ch. 15 TEXT
    F:   finish Ch. 15