•  Final grades on ELA written work will not be entered into Infinite Campus until students have completed the REQUIRED Student Corrections and have handwritten corrections to their work on a separate sheet of paper and stapled it to their original, graded essay. This is to ensure that students 1) read the feedback I am providing and 2) improve their writing over the year. If the grade book reflects a ZERO grade, it is because the student has not completed the original assignment or the required student corrections.

    Grading Scale 

    98%-100% A+           88%- 89% B+             78%- 79% C+             68-69% D+    

    93%-97%  A              83%-87% B                 73%-77% C                63%- 67% D

    90%- 92% A-             82%- 80% B-               72%- 70% C-             62%- 60% D- 

                                                                                                                                   59%-0% F