Registration Instructions

  • Missoula County Public Schools is committed to helping families prepare their children for success in the 21st century.  We are excited that you will be registering your child(ren) for enrollment in our public schools. Please follow these steps to enroll your child: 

    Step 1. Identify the school that your child will attend. 

    Students are assigned to schools in an attendance area according to the student's physical address (where they live). Space availability is generally not a problem, but periodically, students may need to attend a school other than their neighborhood school if all classrooms are full.  To determine your student's school of attendance, visit infoFinder

    1. Space is limited, so parents interested in enrolling their pre-school aged child in Jefferson Preschool must contact Deb Chilcote at (406)728-2400, ext. 5020.  (Online enrollment is not available for preschool.)

     Step 2. Complete Enrollment Forms and Provide Additional Materials 

    Parents/Guardians must print enrollment forms and submit additional materials for each child to be enrolled. Preschool enrollments must be completed at the Jefferson Center, 1700 South Ave. W.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: A child must be aged 5 by Sept. 10th to begin kindergarten in August.

    Printable Enrollment Forms and Additional Materials:

    Elementary Forms (Grades 1-5)

    Middle School Forms (Grades 6-8)

    High School Forms (Grades 9-12)

    Parents must also provide:
    1. A Copy of the student's Birth Certificate.  (The hospital issued Certificate of Live Birth is NOT a birth certificate.)
    2. A copy of the student's complete immunization records, OR State of Montana Certificate of Immunization (blue form). Please review immunization requirements to ensure your child is fully immunized.
    3. Residency Verification - two items that verify physical home address, such as power bill, water bill, garbage bill, landline phone bill that shows name and address of service, or lease agreement.
    4. A copy of the student's transcripts (these are OPTIONAL, but helpful to get middle and high school students placed in classes, although official records from the student's previous school of attendance will be requested).

     Step 3. Return Forms and Materials to District/School

    MCPS prefers that parents complete all enrollment forms and take them directly to the school that the student will be attending. This provides an opportunity for parents to see the school, visit with staff and ask any questions. For a listing of MCPS Schools and addresses, please visit the MCPS Schools and Facilities webpage

    Please note that during the summer, MCPS elementary and middle schools are closed, so materials for students in grades K-8 should be returned to the Administration Building A at 909 South Ave. West in Missoula [mapquest to Admin. Bldg]. MCPS high schools in Missoula are open and can directly accept enrollment materials for students in grades 9-12.

    Materials can also be submitted as attachments by email to You will receive a communication (by phone or email) confirming that the District has received your student's enrollment application and materials. 

    The enrollment application for each student will be forwarded to the school. Please understand that school staff may ask parents who submit enrollment materials either by mail/email to visit the school at a convenient time to sign documents and discuss placement based on student's age and space availability.  

    Questions? Please contact MCPS at 728-2400, ext. 1030, or email