Kindergarten Registration - Fall (2023-24 school year)

  • Kindergarten registration opened March 1, 2023.  Children must be age 5 on or before September 10th.

Enrollment Information

    1. Identify the school that your child will attend.  Students are assigned to schools in attendance area according to the student's physical address (where they live).  Space availability is limited and periodically students may need to attend a school other than their neighborhood school if all classrooms are full.  Visit infoFinder i to locate your neighborhood school.
    2. Complete enrollment forms and provide all the additional required materials.

Required Additional Documents

    • Student's Birth Certificate (Must not be the hospital issued Certificate of Live Birth.)
    • Complete Immunization Record
    • Address Verification - Two items that verify physical home address (i.e. utility bill, phone bill, lease agreement, etc.)

Return Forms

  • Completed enrollment forms and additional documents may also be submitted as attachments by email (, faxed (406)542-4009, or mailed to the appropriate neighborhood school.
    • Chief Charlo, 5600 Longview, Missoula - 542-4005
    • Franklin, 1910 S. 11th Street, Missoula - 542-4020
    • Hawthorne, 2835 S. 3rd W., Missoula - 542-4025
    • Jeannette Rankin, 5150 Bigfork Road, Missoula - 542-4010
    • Lewis and Clark, 2901 Park, Missoula - 542-4035
    • Lowell, 1215 Phillips Street, Missoula - 542-4040
    • Paxson, 101 Evans Street, Missoula - 542-4055
    • Rattlesnake, 1220 Pineview Drive, Missoula - 542-4050
    • Russell, 3216 Russell, Missoula - 542-4080



    NOTE:  All registration forms and additional documents must be completed and received by the neighborhood school prior to your student's classroom placement.