Behavior Policy

  • Behavior Expectations


    • Focused and ON TASK
    • Use time wisely
    • Directions
    • Clean up
    • Ask for help
    • Best effort
    • ALL materials 


    • Honor differences
    • Mind the bubble
    • Be cooperative
    • Positive attitude
    • Appropriate language
    • Respectful listening 
    • Keep your paws on your own stuff!


    • Class on time
    • Walk in the halls (Stay on the RIGHT) 
    • Mind the bubble 
    • Follow rules


    Reward/Discipline Policy 


      • When you’re on task, being respectful, working hard, or just being plain awesome teachers around the whole school can give out **Tickets**!! These can be turned in for awesome prizes! - reward sheet will be posted.
      • Teachers can also give positive marks in your agenda! These can be cashed in for tickets too!
      • Kudos Club Fridays are another reward for students who haven't recieved any marks or don't have any missing assignments. 
        • Students choose activities like camputer lab, device time, bingo, gaes, PE, movie, etc. 
        • Students lose Kudos Club privileges for missing assignments, marks in agenda, or a major behavior infraction. 
      • Students also have the opportunity to be entered into the "Positively Extreme" school-wide weekly drawings and earn tickets and prizes.


      • The following sequence of consequences - warning and conference with student, mark in agenda, sent to the BIR room,  lunch detention, after school detention, referral to administration for consequence, ISS, and parent conference whenever necessary.
      • Parents are contacted for major infractions. 
      • Major Infractions:
        • Inappropriate language
        • Disrespect toward other studetns and/or staff including substitute teachers. 
        • Defiance regarding school rules such as; wearing hats/hoods in building, cellphone violations, vandalism of property etc.