• pencils

    Required School Supplies for M-A-T-H Class

    1.5 Inch Three Ring Binder 

    {either one for all subjects or just for math}

    Spiral Notebook

    {college ruled - for taking notes in class}


    Pocket Folder

    {or something comprable to hold handouts} 


    {these are a "must have" in math class, so be sure you have enough!}

    Colored Pens

    {to use for grading and communicating ideas}

    Two Expo Markers

    {These can be regular size or smaller. We use individual whiteboards all.the.time... these two will be put into a whole class supply. If you'd like one of your own buy an extra!}


    {All students MUST have their own calculator for 7th grade math. Phones will not be allowed to be used as calculators. All you need is a basic four function calculator, but if you want a graphing calculator they are wonderful and will last you a long time.}


    **Please contact me if you are having trouble finding/buying any of these school supplies, I'm happy to help :)