Behavior Policy


    Homework/Behavior Policy

    6th Grade Anderson/Keffeler 

    Any assignments that are not completed in class become homework, which is due the following day. Expect students to have 45-60 minutes of homework nightly. 

    Any additional homework assignments/remote learning assignments/projects are due on the day indicated by the teacher.

    Students can turn in missing assignments for full credit until the end of official grading periods.

     PLEASE REFER TO INFINITE CAMPUS for current grades and missing assignments.

     Students will receive positively extreme tickets for being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. (See possible rewards list on the following page.) POSITIVE BEHAVIOR IS ENCOURAGED AND WILL BE REWARDED! 😊

    Students will have 2 days for every day of an excused absence to make up assignments.

    Team Expectations

    Students will………………

    1. Follow classroom and school guidelines for positive behavior:


    1. Use all technology responsibly and appropriately. See Chromebook Guidelines below. 
    2. Come to class prepared with materials and their completed assignments. 
    3. Turn in ALL completed assignments on time.
    4. Follow given rubrics for projects.
    5. Fill in your agenda daily.
    6. Participate and cooperate.
    7. HAVE FUN! 

    Chromebook Guidelines:

    • Use your assigned Chromebook.
    • Do not carry the Chromebook around the room when it is open.
    • Put your Chromebook in the correct slot in the Chrome Cart.
    • Plug your Chromebook in.
    • Do not change Chromebook settings, backgrounds, keyboards etc.
    • Do not slam the lid.
    • BE ON TASK! If you are off task, you will lose Chromebook privileges for the quarter. 

    Rewards for Being Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Kind

    • Device time
    • Game time
    • Extra P.E. time
    • Free time outside
    • Quiet time to read or draw
    • Time to listen to music
    • Student choice
    • Treat from your teacher
    • Positive note home