• Mathematics Curriculum

    The Missoula County Public Schools' Mathematics Curriculum is designed to equip our students with the powerful mathematical skills required for the 21st Century.  More than at any other time in history, society is placing demands on citizens to interpret and use mathematics to make sense of information and complex situations.  To be well informed as adults and to have access to desirable jobs, our students today require mathematical skills that go far beyond what was needed by students in the past.  All our students must sharpen their skills; deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, processes and applications; and hone their problem-solving, reasoning, and communication abilities.  Mathematical literacy is essential for every child's future.

    You can view the contents below and the entire curriculum document with Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  If you cannot view a portion or all of this document, you can request a copy by contacting Kathy Strelnik in the Curriculum Office at 728-2400, Ext. 1045.