• Viewing Meetings on MCAT and/or online
    The Board of Trustees' regular monthly meetings, as well as its three monthly committee meetings, are broadcast by MCAT on Bresnan Cable Channel 7 and 11.

    The monthly school board meeting is broadcast live at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Replays of the board meeting, in addition to taped committee meetings, are shown at various times. Please check the MCAT website at www.mcat.org for more detailed programming schedules. 
    To view video of meetings online, please locate the meeting on our public meetings calendar and select the "video" link in the meeting description. The only meetings that are videotaped are the Board of Trustees' regular monthly meetings. It can take 2-3 weeks after the meeting for video to become available.
    For more information, please call 728-2400, ext. 1024.