• I will require my ELA students to complete one book report project per quarter. Below is the list of due dates, genres, guidelines, and project options and checklists. 


    Book Report Project Due Dates

    Quarter 1-Due Friday, Nov. 5- Student Choice

    Quarter 2-Due Friday, Jan. 21- Realistic Fiction or Historical Fiction

    Quarter 3- Due Friday April 1- Fantasy or Science Fiction

    Quarter 4- Due Friday, June 3- Student Choice


    Book Project Options

    1. Digital Options
    2. Remarkable Reporting
    3. Book Mobile
    4. Incredible Illustrator
    5. “Read This Book!” Advertisement
    6. Diary of Main Character
    7. Diorama
    8. Knowledgeable Newspaper


    You will read one book per quarter of the genre required.  You may choose any book that you wish but it cannot be a book that is already a movie.

    You must choose a different project for each book. You must complete the project checklist of requirements and turn it in with your project.

    Talk to me if you have an alternative project idea.

    You will present one of your projects to the class. Ten minutes maximum for your presentation.

    Be creative and have fun!


    Digital  Options

    You can make a PowerPoint presentation-10 slide minimum-email it to me at slkeffeler@mcps.k12.mt.us.

    You can make a Google slides presentation- 10 slide minimum- share it with me at slkeffeler@mcpsmt.org.

    Requirements Checklist

    _____ Title Page (first slide)- Title, author and your name.

    _____ Setting- Tell where and when.

    _____ Main Characters- Name and describe who they are. (At least 3-5 characters)

    _____ Plot Summary- Tell what happened, how it happened and why it happened. Don’t retell the story just give highlights. (2-3                  paragraphs)

    _____ Book Critique- Your opinion of the book. Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? What did you like or dislike? How            many stars would you give the book and why?


    Remarkable Reporting

    This is the closest option to the typical “Book Report” most of you are familiar with.  Show you are the expert and know your book well. This should be typed or handwritten in paragraph format.

    Requirements Checklist-

    _____ Title Page-Title, author, and your name. Must be a separate page, be neat, and colorful.

    _____ Setting-Tell where and when.

    _____ Main characters- Name and describe who they are. (At least 3-5 characters)

    _____ Plot summary-Tell what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Don’t retell the story just give highlights. (2-3                    paragraphs)

    _____ Book Critique-Your opinions of the book. Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? What did you like or dislike? What            grade/how many stars would you give the author?


    Book Mobile

    Design a hanging book mobile with string, a hanger, wood cutouts, cardboard, or poster board…..whatever materials you have handy.  Be creative and neat.

    Each panel must include a drawing and a caption!

    Requirements Checklist- 

    _____ Title and Author panel-typically at the top of the mobile with the title, author and your name.

    _____ Setting panel-Describe the setting in words and artistically (a picture/drawing).

    _____ Character panel-Describe at least 2 characters in words and a drawing.

    _____ Plot panel-Describe the plot in words and artistically.  Tell enough to entice someone to read, but don’t spoil the ending. (1-2              paragraphs)

    _____ Stunning Scene panel-Select your favorite scene of the entire book and describe it in words and artistically.

    REMEMBER:  Mobiles hang and twirl like wind chimes….try to make both sides of each panel enticing and eye-catching!  Each panel needs a picture and a description and should be COLORFUL!!!


    Incredible Illustrator

    Imagine you have been hired to depict significant scenes from the book. Create your own illustrations to compliment the text! On 8 ½ by 11 blank paper.

    Requirements Checklist-

    ____  Book cover- Separate page that includes title, author and your name.

    _____ Illustrations- Complete at least SEVEN illustrations of important scenes from the book. Yes, you must draw them.

    _____ Captions- Describe each scene that you draw at the bottom of the page. One or two complete sentences describing the scene              or the importance of each scene selected.

    _____ About the Illustrator (YOU)-Write 3-5 sentences about yourself at the end of your book. Give a short autobiography.

     REMEMBER:  Select IMPORTANT scenes! 


    “Read this Book” Advertisement

    Imagine you have been hired to create an advertisement “selling” the book.  Use your creative flare to grab the interest of potential readers. On construction/poster paper size 9 X 12 at least.

     Requirements Checklist-

     _____ Title, author and your name.

    _____ 3 Catchy Reviews-Similar to praise found on the back of books. Invent your own sources and be creative.

    _____ Plot Preview-2-3 paragraphs about the plot. Don’t tell too much, just enough to raise the interest of the reader.

    _____ “Why read this book?” paragraph- Why should anyone read this book in your opinion? What will they learn or gain from it?

    _____ Decorations/pictures/illustrations-This is where the creative flair comes in….catch those reader’s attention! What will “sell” this            book best; drama, action, adventure, color, excerpts, character profiles? What kind of reader are you targeting?  

    Remember: Be persuasive! This should not be done on a piece of notebook paper, put in a lot of effort!


    Diary of Main Character

    Imagine you have become a main character in the book. You walk, talk, and act like this character.  The events that happen to them throughout the story are happening to you.

    Requirements Checklist-

     _____ Diary- Create a diary, cover and pages, made of any materials you wish to use (be creative).

    _____ Title, author, and character name on the cover page and your name on the inside flap.

    _____ Entries- Create at least 10 entries for your character throughout the pages of the diary. Each entry should be 3-5 sentences.

    _____ Comparison Reflection- On the last page, compare yourself to the character you have chosen.  How are you similar?  Different?  What do you admire about the character? What would you change?  (1-2 paragraphs)

    Remember:  You ARE the character!

    Try to express the emotions you are having in response to the events occurring in the book. Diaries are typically about feelings Try not to just retell the story.



    Imagine you are the director of the new film, based upon your book…however you have been struggling with the setting of one scene in particular.  It seems your stage managers just can’t quite get it right.  You must create a 3D diorama depicting exactly what you are looking for during this scene.

     Requirements Checklist-

    _____ Cardboard box without a lid and turned on its side.

    _____ Title, author and your name written somewhere on the box.

    _____ Miniature scene recreated from the book using lifelike figures and objects positioned inside the box (3D), in front of the fixed               scenery and colored background. (Impress me!)

    _____  1-2 paragraph plot summary (attached to the box)

    _____  3-5 sentences describing the scene (attached to the box)  

    _____  3-5 sentence book critique  Your opinion of the book. Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? What did you like or             dislike? How many stars would you give the book and why? (attached to the box) 

    Remember:  Creativity Counts!

    Use a variety of resources and supplies to make your diorama unique and informative.


    Knowledgeable Newspaper

    Imagine you are a writer for the local newspaper in the town or city your story takes place. What fascinating articles might cover the front page related to your book?

    Requirements Checklist-                           

    _____ Construction paper or poster board at least 8 ½ by 11.

    _____ Title, author and your name must appear somewhere on the page.

    _____ 3 articles (minimum)-Cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of significant events within the book. Be creative…even though you are only doing the front page of the newspaper, you may include letters to the editor, weather, sports, classifieds, etc. on the front page for this project. 

    _____ Pictures (3-5) may be drawn, clip art, from internet, or from a magazine.

    Remember:  Everything in this newspaper must relate to your book. Characters from the lines of your novel should make the headline news of your paper. The name of the paper should relate perhaps to the setting of the book and advertisements should be for places from the story, etc.