• Washington Middle School Wrestling 2024

    Parents and Wrestlers,

    My name is Ben Sivertsen, and I am the Wrestling Coach and 6th Grade Resource teacher for Washington Middle School. I grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and moved to Missoula in 2003. I graduated from the University of Montana with a BA in History and a minor in Russian Language with teaching licenses for History, Special Education and Foreign Language and have a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from UMT Missoula. I have been involved in the sport of wresting for over 38 years and have wrestled with, coached, or coached by; World Team members, Olympians, NCAA All-Americans, National and State Champions and everything in-between. This will be my 18th season involved with middle school wrestling in Missoula, my 16th with Washington. I was also an Assistant Coach at Hellgate High School for four years, Sentinel High School one year, and Meadow Hill one year.

    My Expectations: simple and based off one word, RESPECT.

    Wrestlers for Washington will show respect for:

    Others- be on time, have good sportsmanship, listen to coaches, work with the team, wear appropriate clothes (shorts and T-shirt)

    Self- be on time, work hard in practice, be ready and willing to learn, have fun

    Facility- be on time, help clean and set up/take down mats daily, wear only wrestling shoes or socks on the mat, keep the locker rooms clean

    Discipline: Wrestlers that do not follow the above expectations will be warned first. If they do not comply or interfere with the practice to the point that it cannot continue, or safety is a concern, they will be asked to leave and parents will be contacted. Any wrestler asked to leave must have their parent/guardian meet with me before they can return to practice. Unexcused absences from practice, behavioral issues at practice or in the classroom, or unsportsmanlike conduct at competitions will result in extra conditioning after practice. Unless previously determined, wrestlers may not miss more than one practice in a week in order to participate in competitions.

    Uniforms/Equipment: Washington Middle School will provide shorts and T-shirts for the team for the season. Uniforms must be turned in at the end of the season or the family will be charged $25. Headgear, singlets and wrestling shoes are not required, although wrestling shoes or “grippy” socks are highly recommended. Wrestlers may purchase their own headgear for use if so desired.

    Days of Competition: Schedule is posted online. Mixers will follow a basic “round robin” format. Each wrestler will be placed in a group of similar size, age, and gender (in middle school, girls will only wrestle girls), usually four to a group. Each wrestler will wrestle the other three. If the mixer is at another school, wrestlers must ride the bus there with the team. There will be no placing or awards until the All City Championship and Copper League Dual Tournament. The Copper League Dual Tournament is a dual format (ie Washington vs. Meadow Hill) with teams consisting of 2 wrestlers per weight class. This is a double elimination tournament with awards for first through third place. The All City Championship will be a bracketed, double elimination individual tournament.

    When the team is required to travel, a bus will take the players to the event, but a ride must be arranged for the wrestler after the competition. 

    When Washington is hosting a mixer, we will need the entire team to stay after to help clean up and put mats away. This usually takes until 7:00 or so depending on the mixer. Please plan accordingly. If a wrestler cannot stay to help clean up, they should not compete that day.

    Practice Schedule: Monday through Friday after school until 4:30, wrestlers will be ready to be picked up by 4:30 every day. Please pick your athlete up on time, as I have to get my own children from daycare. Changes will be made for days of competition.

    Basic breakdown of practices:

    2:50-3:00         Dress, roll out mats, roll call

    3:00-3:15         Warm Up, Stretch

    3:15-3:45         Technique/ Drills

    3:45-4:00         Live Wrestling

    4:00-4:15         Conditioning

    4:15-4:30         Cool Down, Stretch, Roll up mats, Dress Out, Parents Pick Up

    Any changes to the schedule or program will be communicated via handout and posted on the Washington Middle School website.


    Student in Good Standing: Middle School sports require students to be in good standing regarding behavior, grades and attendance. Check the Washington Middle School Student Handbook for further clarification.


    Contact Information:

    Email: bosivertsen@mcpsmt.org


    Classroom: 542-4085 extension 2660

    Cell: 493-7105

    I am always open to communicating with parents and wrestlers. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to the coming season and the opportunity to coach your child and Washington Middle School Wrestling.



    Washington Middle School Wrestling

    Emergency Contact Information


    Please fill out the form below with reliable contacts. I will use these numbers for emergencies, missed rides home, or sudden changes in scheduling. Please write legibly and print names so that it is easier for me to read. By filling out this form, parents acknowledge expectations of their student to participate in Middle School Wrestling. If this form is not completed and turned in to Coach Ben Sivertsen, that athlete will not be allowed to compete.


    Thank You,

    Coach Ben


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