• Our team will HOPEFULLY take part in quarterly team building activities, such as bowling, ice skating, Flying Squirrel & Silverwood.  Specific dates and activities will be announced at a later date.  If we are unable to participate in activites outside of the building we will provide a reward for student's HARDWORK with in the classroom.  We really appreciate students working to be a Student in Good Standing and want to recognize them.   Students must be in "good standing" in order to receive or participate in the reward.  

      “Student in Good Standing” Criteria:

    • Academics: Earn passing grades (D or higher) in all classes

    • Attendance: Have prompt, regular attendance (less than 5 absences and/or tardies per quarter)

    • Behavior: Abide by all the expectations listed in the Washington Behavior Plan (more than one detention or one or more suspensions)