• working from home

    Mrs. Olinger's homeroom Google Classroom code: tpfwzwl 

    Mr. Arntzen's homeroom Google Classroom  code: ayh62cr



    Hello Students and Parents/Guardians!

    Welcome to Online Learning. Lessons should not cause extra stress and frustration at home-- students should be able to do work on their own with minimal intervention.  If this is not the case, please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

    Parents/Guardians:  We are here to support you as you support your student with remote learning.  Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties so we can create solutions together to support your child.

    Students: Please log on to our Google Classroom pages regularly so we can stay connected. Please be flexible and supportive as your parents/ guardians do their best to balance a lot of competing needs for you and your household.  All assignments will be completed through Google Classroom. If you are worried about your academic experience during this time, please email me so I can help you problem solve. 

     How To Do Remote Learning Successfully

    Do this every remote learning day.  

    Here are your remote learning expectations:

    Log into your student Google account steps:

    • Go to Google.com
    • Click sign in found in the upper right corner
    • Log in with your student account (27abcdef@student.mcpsmt.org)  abc- first 3 letters of last name  def-- first 3 letters of first name
    • Check your email
    • Check both of our Google Classrooms--view assignment under subject heading (each day)
    • Watch any introduction or instructional videos
    • Turn in any documents if required in Google Classroom 
    • *Email (lolinger@mcpsmt.org atarntzen@mcpsmt.org) with any questions or concerns after you have read all the instructions and watched the tutorial videos. Please do not wait until school days to ask us what to do for remote learning assignments.

    Remote learning work is graded just like work at school. Please pay attention to due dates and turn assignments in on time. 

    Lesson Plans and Extension Activities

    Please refer to lessons on my Google Classroom page listed in the classwork tab. If you are unable to get to my Google Classroom page, please email me!  Any extension activities list are not required but will provide you with some extra enrichment in your learning.  You should always have a book on hand to read and I highly recommend keeping a journal. 

    Communication is important!

    Mr. Arntzen and I will be sending weekly email updates to Parents/Guardians.  Students, please check Google Classroom and email daily for updates.  Please get in touch with me if you have questions or need more support.