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  • We've had a terrific fall here at Washington Library!

    Here's a preview of coming events:

    WMS Battle of the Books 2020 Timeline

    Young Reader's Choice Middle School Edition

    November 2019:  Begin forming teams and reading the books. 

                            Study sheets available in the library.

    December 2019:  Sign ups begin in the library. 

                              Teams can include up to 5 members.                

    January 2020:  Practice questions are released.  

    Lunch passes available in library.

    February 19, 2020 (tentative date):  School Battle during school. 

                              The top three teams will move on to District Competition.

    March 4  2020:  (tentative date) District Competition hosted by 

    Washington Middle School.  7:00 p.m.



    and don't Forget:  Nonfiction November 

    Students read one book from each of the Dewey Sections and win a prize!

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