• Printing:

    • As of right now printing is NOT POSSIBLE from the chromebooks. IT is working on creating some magical program that will work with them to allow printing, but it is nowhere close to being done.
    • A solution for this at this time is having your students use Google Docs and sharing their work with your teacher google account so you can grade them online or print them from your own computer.
    • If you know you need to print, try to check out the COW instead of the chromebooks.

    Saving Student Work:

    •  Chromebooks ARE NOT COMPUTERS. They have ZERO storage. If you want students to save any work they do on them, THEY WILL HAVE TO USE THEIR GOOGLE DRIVES. Students who don’t have their forms in or do not have permission are basically out of luck on the chromebooks. Please help educate our parent population about this… signing no on a google form is basically taking away our access to word processors as well at this point.