Academic Eligibility

  • Academic Eligibility

    • Students must be earning a passing grade in all subjects on the grade check dates listed below.  
    • Grade checks are completed on Friday for the following week of the season to determine eligibility for competitions  
    • Students who are ineligible one week may be eligible the next depending on classroom performance.
    • During a week of ineligibility the student/athlete must practice and continue to attend competitions in support of his/her team and skill development to be eligible.
    • Student academic eligibility is subject to review based on IDEA and 504.

    The grade checks are for the following weeks:

    • Soccer:  September 14
    • Girls' Basketball:  October 22 
    • Boys's Basketball:  November 26
    • Volleyball:  January 25
    • Wrestling:  March 6
    • Track:  April 26