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    Creating Opportunities to Meet Potential and Stretch Skills

    Philosophy Statement

    Missoula County Public Schools recognizes that some students have exceptional, intellectual and creative abilities that vary from those of the general population.  We are committed to making the necessary accommodations for these exceptional students. 


    The term "gifted and talented" means children of outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance and require differentiated educational programs beyond those normally offered in public schools in order to fully achieve their potential contribution to self and society.  The children so identified include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability. 

    Identification Process

    Our current identification process is being reviewed and updated.  More information will follow soon.

    Parent Involvement

    Parents are welcomed advocates for their gifted child's appropriate placement, curriculum and social and emotional needs. Check with your school if you are interested in volunteering with small groups of students in challenging activities.  Relevant materials and books are available for parents through the Gifted Education Library.

    Professional Development

    Professional Development will focus on instructional management, instructional delivery and curriculum modification which are the three key components of the gifted education delivery system and will be aligned with MCPS District Goals.

    Program Evaluation

    The evaluation of Gifted Education Services will include the following areas:  identification of gifted students, program options and teacher training and support.  In order to improve services, input from teachers, parents and students will be included in the evaluation process when appropriate.


  • For more information, please contact Shirley Lindburg, Gifted Education Specialist at 728-2400 ex. 1057 or salindburg@mcpsmt.org