Degrees and Certifications:

Sarah Greiser

Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts!

We will be reading 3 main books this year, starting off with Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis.

I am at school most days from about 7:15-3:30.  I usually catch up on emails once kids are done for the day (after about 1:15) so if you need to get in touch, the afternoon is the best.

We will be using google classroom for assignments this year.  If you were not invited, please contact the secretaries to make sure that we have your correct email.

If you need our class code, here they are:

2nd period English: cspmhki

3rd period English: sr4noou

4th period English: 5krm4hx

5th period English: l72zwej

6th period English: xm6sfkq