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Mr. Griffith

Unfortunately, our Covid 19 interrupted school year continues. I wanted to update my teacher page due to more and more students NOT completing work on the home front. We are also facing major academic issues by asking students to stay home whenever they have the smallest of sniffles but yet we only get to see that student for a total of 4 to 6 days per subject per quarter. You miss a couple days due to illness and you have missed 1/3 to 1/2 of the quarter. Mindboggling how we can make up such missed work!

I am announcing new procedures with the hope that students who miss in-class days can still get that day's lecture. I broke down and purchased a decent camera and microphone with the intent of posting each lecture in that classes Google Classroom. If a student were to miss school for whatever reason, they can simply watch the screencast from that day. The screencast can also be helpful if a student found some material confusing or needed to leave the classroom. Keep in mind that the screencasts are intended to help students with missing work. I promise, I am not a professional videographer. I may also be delayed in posting a video but will try to be as vigilant as possible.

As far as making sure students are completing their three online required workdays at home, our hands are tied. Without support from the home front, there really isn't much we can do to make sure students are putting in a minimum of two hours per day per subject when online. Yes, each student is expected to be completing 6 hours of work per week at home per subject. A mere 12 hours of work compared to the normal 21 hours they would be achieving if at school full time. And rarely is there that much homework. Most students can complete all requirements in less than 3 hours per day.

Also know, I am sending out regular emails via Blackboard. If you are not receiving emails at least every other week, you are in need of calling the front office in order to make sure your parent listed email is up-to-date. I am always available for help. The best way to contact me is via my school email, degriffith@mcpsmt.org. I constantly monitor it where I am quite poor monitoring the phone. Once we make contact, I am more than willing to meet face to face or to chat on the phone. 

Many thanks for your patience and know we greatly appreciate your helping out on the home front, Mr. Griffith.