• Rome

    "Explore the Epic Journey of World History and Geography in 7th Grade Social Studies!

    Join us as we embark on an exhilarating voyage through the period of A.D. 500–1789, delving deep into the social, cultural, and technological transformations that shaped our world. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to intertwine historical events with geographic landscapes, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how civilizations evolved across continents.

    Through a captivating sequence of units, students will traverse the great civilizations of the past, navigating through time and space with world maps and timelines. They'll compare concurrent events, unravel the transmission of ideas and innovations, and witness the profound impact of ancient developments on our modern society.

    But our exploration doesn't stop there! Throughout the year, students will develop a keen eye for recognizing the political, economic, geographic, and social structures—PEGS—that underpin these civilizations. PEGS serve as a powerful lens through which students analyze, interpret, and synthesize new knowledge, fostering a deeper comprehension of the intricate tapestry of human history.

    Prepare to unlock the mysteries of the past and uncover the enduring legacies that continue to shape our world today in 7th Grade Social Studies!"

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