Let's get creative!

  • Fundraising for schools and school children is essential.  Successful efforts have a positive impact on children, their education as well as the whole school community.  Events and activities aimed to raise funds are important for not only for the expressed goal to gain resources, but also for children's learning experience.

    Healthy Fundraising and Children Learning Experiences:

Healthy Kids Learn Better:

  • The research is clear - good nutrition is linked to improved learning behaviors in school children.  Good nutrition is served from foods with low sugar, low simple carbs, and with high fiber, high protein and vitamin density.

Create a Healthy Environment:

  • A healthy school environment ensures children receive consistent health information.  Fundraisers are often highlighted events.  These events are seen as opportunities to learn about wellness, rather than contradicting health lessons.

Support Health Behavior

  • Fundraising with healthy foods and non-food items demonstrates a commitment to health.  Supporting health behaviors means providing a consistent message to promote wellness, and providing opportunity to apply health lessons.

Positive Impact Fundraisers:

    • book fair
    • walk-a-thon
    • recycling drive
    • care wash
    • open-mic
    • sport camp
    • skating night
    • game tournament
    • bowling nights
    • sell plants or starts
    • craft shows
    • auction
    • selling greeting cards
    • concert
    • sell decorated mugs
    • themed dance
    • pet wash
    • bike-a-thon

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