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Proficiency Criteria

  • In general, English Language Learners are no longer classified as LEP once they have attained the language skills necessary to learn in age and grade appropriate settings in all areas of language development without the use of adapted or modified English materials.

    Montana's definition of proficiency is based on input from school and district staff members that serve LEP students across the state, a review of practices in other states, and input from psychometricians.  Montana observes the following definition of proficiency.  This definition was adopted in August, 2012.

    Montana's Definition of Proficiency
    In order to determine when LEP students become proficient, districts will take into account multiple measures which include: 
    • At a minimum, an overall score of 5.0 along with a rating of 4.0 in literacy (reading and writing) on the ACCESS for ELLs English language proficiency assessment;
    • Input from additional measures of reading, writing, or language development available from school assessments. 

Exit Procedures

  • STEP 1:

    Has the student achieved English language proficiency according to Montana's definition of Proficiency?  Consider English language proficiency data from the ACCESS and ELLs assessment.  Data from the ACCESS for ELLs English language proficiency assessment are found on the teacher or student roster score reports that are delivered to districts in early spring and are stored in the students' accumulative folders.
    STEP 2:
    Is the student meeting academic achievement expectations for their grade level?  Consider additional measures of reading, writing, and language development.  Acceptable sources of data can include:
    • The reading CRT (Did the student score proficient or above?)
    • Classroom or school assessments of reading comprehension and writing (Is the student meeting grade level expectations in the area of reading comprehension?)
    • Input from general education and content teachers  
    STEP 3:
    Exit.  If the student meets the criteria for proficiency in both English language proficiency and academic achievement, then they may be exited and re-designated as formerly LEP in AIM.  Parents should be informed of the decision to exit the student from LEP status.  The student will continue to be monitored for the following two years after re-designation. 

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