• Traffic Education Traffic Education 

    Traffic education strives to provide teen drivers with a foundation that will instill safety, caution and a basic understanding of the laws that govern driving.  Traffic Education is not a school requirement; however, it is a requirement of the Montana Motor Vehicle Division for students who intend to obtain a driver's license prior to reaching the age of 16.

Class Information

  • Classes consist of at least 60 hours of structured learning experiences scheduled over no less than 25 student contact days for each student, including no fewer than six hours of behind-the-wheel, in-traffic driving instruction by an Office of Public Instruction-approved traffic education teacher scheduled over no less than six student-contact days of which:
    • up to 12 of the required 60 hours may be satisfied by in-vehicle observation of an approved teacher instructing another novice driver; 
    • for those schools having traffic simulator equipment approved by the Office of Public Instruction, 12 hours of simulation may be substituted for two hours of behind-the-wheel instruction or six hours of simulation may be substituted for one hour of behind-the-wheel instruction.
    Students may not miss more than 3 classes to pass the course.  Students missing more than 3 classes will be dropped without a refund.

Available Classes

  • July 9-Aug 15th, 2024: 9:30am-11:00am

    Thank you for your interest.  This class is full.

    Parent Meeting for this above class is Tuesday, July 9, 2024, in room 503 at Sentinel High School. The Parent Meeting is mandatory as stated by Montana State law. Only three (3) classes can be missed, or you are disqualified from successfully completing the class.

    Visit the online registration portal to register for the class.


Registration Requirements - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Students must be 14½ years of age by the class start date. 
    A Parent or Legal Guardian as well as every enrolled student is required to attend the scheduled parent/student meeting and must bring the original documents listed below.  See individual class details for information on the time and date of this meeting.
    • Student Birth Certificate
    • Student Social Security Card
    • Parent or Legal Guardian's Valid Driver's License

    Registration and Payment Methods:  

    Class tuition is $340 and payment is required at the time of registration.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and classes fill quickly.  There are three methods of registration.  (The credit/debit card processing fee is 3.9%)
    • Online Via MCPS Infinite Campus: This is the recommended method!  For those registering online, it is best to create a student profile on the registration site prior to the opening of registration.  (Credit and Debit Cards only.)  If you do not have a PARENT log in for MCPS Infinite Campus, please email TrafficEducation@mcpsmt.org for your necessary login credentials.
    • Phone: Call MCPS Administration Building (406)728-2400, ext. 1030 (Credit and Debit Cards only.)  
    • On Site: MCPS Administration Building A located at: 909 South Ave. West, Missoula, MT. (Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Checks made payable to MCPS are accepted.) 

    Tips for Online Registration
    • If you do not have a PARENT login for MCPS Infinite Campus, please email TrafficEducation@mcpsmt.org for your necessary login credentials.
    • Make sure you have created a Login and Password for your MCPS Parent Infinite Campus Portal, and test your New or Existing Login and Password (at least 72 hours prior to the open enrollment period)
        • This process takes 5–10 minutes to enter data and this is time you do not want to spend after enrollment has started.
    • Once you have created or logged into your account, please navigate to Activity Registration and select the Traffic Education course you are wishing to register your student. Download all the applicable forms and then checkout. 
    • NOTE: If the only selection available is the WAIT LIST, you must still go through the checkout. If an opening in the class becomes available, you will need to pay the class fee prior to your student attending the first class.
      • You have a limited time to enroll.  Once you have placed a class in your cart, if you continue to "shop", the class may no longer be available by the time you "checkout" and you will have the option to be placed on the wait list.
      • Maintain your invoice and email confirmation.  If you do not receive these within 24 hours, email TrafficEducation@mcpsmt.org for more information. 

    Online Waiting Lists
    • If a class is full, the registration system will create a waiting list and date/time stamps records to maintain the order.
    • No payment is required to be placed on a waiting list. However, you must complete the "check out" process, and you will receive an email confirmation that you are on the waiting list.
    • Waiting lists are purged once a class has started and placement on a waiting list does not give preference for enrollment in subsequent classes.

    Cancelation and Refund Policy 
    • Cancelations must be made by calling the MCPS Administration Building and speaking with the registration staff: 406-728-2400 x1030
    • Cancelation requests made via email, voice mail or any means other than speaking with the registration staff will not be accepted.
    • A cancelation confirmation will be emailed within 24 hours of the cancelation.  If this is not received, call the MCPS Administration Building to verify the cancelation was processed to ensure the refund/credit has been issued.
    • Refund Policy  
        • If canceled 96 hours prior to the class start time, a full refund will be received.  
        • If canceled within 96 hours of the class start time, a 75% refund will be received.  

    There is no refund available after the class has started or for failure to attend the first class session with the required documentation.