Track Information

  • TRACK & FIELD    
    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Boys and Girls



    The Track and Field season runs from Monday, March 30th - Tuesday, May 12th 

    Head Coach: Charlie Struna

    Asst Coaches: Don Griffith, Janicka Umile, JJ Blood

    Participation FormsAthletic WaiverConcussion and the Participation
    Fee ($25) turning into the office BEFORE an athlete can practice


    • Athletes work on developing skill and technique, and event selection - 3-5 event 
    • Practice: Monday – Wednesday and Friday, 3:30 – 5:00
    •               Thursday 2:30 - 4:00
    • During the first 2 weeks the coaches will work with athletes on developing skills, technique, and events selection.
      • pending practice at Stegner field TBD

    Athlete Expectations

    • Clothing - tennis shoes, shorts/sweats, t-shirt
    • Due to the HIGH number of athletes going into the building for a drink and then 'skipping' the rest of practice; athletes will no longer be allowed in the buidling during practice
    • Athletes MUST dress out, use the bathroom, and bring water bottles
    • Athletes not attending practice without parent/guardian permission (or skipping out) will not participate in the following track meet - athlete must notify coach ahead of time, before practice

    Track Meets

    • Athletes will be bused to meets after school, meets begin at various times - please see schedule
    • Athletes need to be picked up directly following the meet as they will not return to Meadow Hill
    • Meet are scheduled for the following dates
      • Thursday, April 16th      Stegner Track (start - 3:30)
      • Thursday, April 23rd      Stegner Track (start - 3:30)
      • Thursday, April 30th      DornblaserTrack (start - 3:45)
      • Tuesday, May 12th        Big Sky High School (start - 10:00 a.m.)
        • Meet of Champions is a qualifying meet at the end of the season
        • Parents can pick up or athletes WILL be bussed back from this meet