Attendance Boundaries

  • Missoula County Public Schools is a unified school district and has two sets of boundaries: A high school (Gr. 9-12) boundary and an elementary (Gr. K-8) boundary.
    • Boundaries for MCPS elementary and middle schools generally serve the
    • urban Missoula community. MCPS K-8 schools serve a smaller geographical
      area than MCPS high schools.
    • Boundaries for MCPS high schools define a larger geographical area and serve
    • students from outlying K-8 school districts, including Lolo, Hellgate, Target Range,
      Bonner, Clinton, Sunset and Swan Valley districts.

    Once you have identified which school your child should attend, you may want to click on the
    school's address below to locate the school on a map.

    Here are the street addresses of MCPS schools:

    Chief Charlo
    Cold Springs
    Lewis and Clark

    Middle Schools
    CS Porter
    Meadow Hill

    High Schools
    Big Sky
    Willard Alternative Prog.

    Adult Education

    Administration Bldg.

    (406) 542-4005
    (406) 542-4010
    (406) 542-4020
    (406) 542-4025
    (406) 542-4035
    (406) 542-4040
    (406) 542-4055
    (406) 542-4050
    (406) 542-4080

    (406) 542-4060
    (406) 542-4045
    (406) 542-4085

    (406) 728-2401
    (406) 728-2402
    (406) 677-2224
    (406) 728-2403
    (406) 542-4073

    (406) 549-8765

    (406) 728-2400

    5600 Longview Dr.
    2625 Briggs St.
    1901 S. 10th St. W.
    2835 S. 3rd St. W.
    2901 Park St.
    1200 Sherwood St.
    101 Evans Ave.
    1220 Pineview Dr.
    3216 S. Russell St.

    2510 W. Central Ave.
    4210 S. Reserve St.
    645 W. Central Ave.

    3100 South Ave. W.
    900 S. Higgins Ave.
    Seeley Lake, MT

    901 South Ave. W

    901 S. 6th St.W.

    310 S. Curtis St. (The Lifelong Learning Center)

    215 S. 6th St. W.

    For additional information, call 728-2400, ext. 1024.


School Attendance Boundaries

  • Not sure what school your child should attend? Visit our new "Infofinder I" search page. You can search by home address and find out which schools serve that address, as well identify nearby bus stops and service times. If you live in an area where students walk to school, the results will indicate "walking boundary."

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