• The Core Ideology of MCPS

    The core purpose of MCPS is to engage all students in high quality education that empowers, inspires and prepares each student for their future.

  • General Fund Levies
  • Building Reserve Levies
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  • ESSER Funds and Budget
  • We value a safe, secure, healthy environment for our students and staff.

  • 2023 MCPS funding requests

  • This is an all-mail-ballot election.  Ballots will be mailed to registered voters on April 12. Voters can mail them back to the Elections Office up to seven days (April 25) before Election Day (May 2). After that, they can drop off their ballots at the Elections Center on Russell Street. 

    Contact the Missoula County Elections Center with any questions.

    Ballot drop-off locations: Open May 2, 7 AM - 8 PM

      • Missoula County Election Center  - 140 N. Russell St., Missoula
        • Per MCA 13-19-307(5), unmanned ballot drop-boxes are prohibited during mail-ballot elections.  The outdoor ballot drop-box at the Elections Center will NOT be available during this election.
      • Missoula County Fairgrounds - 1101 South Avenue (Drive-through), Missoula
      • Target Range School - 4095 South Avenue, Missoula
      • Lolo Elementary School - 11395 Highway 93 S., Lolo
      • Hellgate Elementary - 2385 Flynn Lane (Admin. Bldg.), Missoula
      • Clinton Elementary School - 20397 E. Mullan Rd., Clinton
      • Bonner School - 9045 Highway 200 E., Bonner
      • Seeley Lake Elementary School - 200 School Lane, Seeley Lake

Understanding Your County Property Taxes

  • To learn more about market value, taxable value, mill rate, and calculating your taxes,  please visit the webpage.