• No two teachers have exactly the same set of expectations for their classrooms. That is why we have adopted a school wide protocol referred to as CHAMPS to help teachers define for students their behavior expectations during major classroom activities, (teacher-directed instruction, independent seat work, class discussions, cooperative group work, and common transitions times). The foundation for completing the tasks is the CHAMPS acronym, which reflects the major issues that affect student behavior. The issues incorporated in CHAMPS and the basic questions to be addressed for each issue are:


    • C         Conversation             Can students talk to each other?
    • H        Help                            How do students get their questions answered?  How do they get the teacher's attention? 
    • A         Activity                      What is the task or objective? What is the end product?
    • M        Movement                  Can students move about?
    • P         Participation              What does the expected student behavior look and soundlike? How do students show they are fully participating?
    • S         Success                       If students follow the CHAMPS expectations, they will be successful.