Early Learning Program Curriculum

  • Preschool and Story Book Curriculum
    • develop pre-literacy skills
    • incorporate the five areas of development (motor, language, thinking, social and self-help)
    • activities are a springboard from the story
    • frequent readings allow children to learn and remember basic stories
    • children play act the stories
    • increase vocabulary and develops imagination skills
    • help to develop a love of books and learning
    Typical Preschool Day Experiences (2.5 hours)
    • Greet students at the bus or parents bring students
    • Put coats and backpacks in cubby
    • Centers/free choice
    • Circle/greeting
    • Outside play or gym
    • Snack (children help prepare snacks, learn table manners, clean up)
    • Dismissal
    • Self help routines (toileting, washing hands, etc.)
    • Parent involvement:  Help with field trips, classroom helper and bulletin boards
    For detailed curriculum, visit Early Learning Program Curriculum.

Staff and Teams

  • Each Jefferson Early Learning Program classroom is staffed by: 
    • a certified teacher
    • at least two para-educators 
    The para-educators have training in early childhood development and special education.  Other professionals, such as school psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, nurse, etc., provide special education services in the classroom and are in integral part of the preschool staff.  University students in education, psychology and therapy are also valuable adults in the preschool.
    Certified Preschool Staff:
    • Brenda Sweeney, Special Education Coordinator
    • Debbie Chilcote, Preschool Secretary
    • Melissa Moss-Larson, Autism Specialist
    • Rachel Hughes, Special Education Instructional Coach
    • Julia Hall, Preschool Teacher, Special Education
    • Morgan Greene, Preschool Teacher, Special Education
    • Nathan Witbrod, Preschool Teacher, Special Education
    • Robin Szcukowski, Preschool Teacher, Special Education
    • Heather Agostinelli, Preschool Teacher
    • Anya Leyhe, Speech/Language Pathologist
    • Jennifer Danielson, Speech/Language Pathologist
    • Bethany Froehlich, Speech/Language Pathologist
    • Robin Bonner, Physical Therapist
    • Kyle Dyrud, School Psychologist
    • Anne Watson, Nurse
    • Laura Liedtka, Occupational Therapist
    • Jennie Roy, Occupational Therapist