Soccer Information

  • 2023 Meadow Hill Soccer Season

    Grades: 6/7/8

    Coaches: JJ Blood and Rae Baerlocher

    Important Dates:

    • 2023 Season: 9/5-10/13
    • Final Day to Signup: Friday, September 1
    • 1st Day of Practice – Tuesday, September 5

    Game Schedules


    • Please inform your coach if you will be unable to attend a game. 
    • Bussing To games ONLY.  Student athletes must have a parent/guardian transport them from the game.  The only exception to this is if the soccer game is scheduled to be played in Frenchtown or Lolo.  If the game is in Frenchtown or Lolo, the Beach Transportation bus will stay on site and students will have the option to be transported back to Meadow Hill after the game(s) are complete. 


    Students will be required to turn in the following three items by Tuesday, September 6 before practice begins.

    • MCPS Athletics Waiver
      • Signature of an adult and student’s printed name.
    • $25 Activity Fee
      • Make checks payable to Meadow Hill Middle School.  
      • Contact Melanie Griffth ( if you are in need of a scholarship.
    • MCPS Concussion Protocol

    Copies of the above forms can be found in the Meadow Hill office as well as on the Meadow Hill website under the Activities page, or by clicking the links above.

    Academic Eligibility 

    • No student athlete may have an “F” in any subject during a five-week athletic season.
    • Grade checks will occur on Friday of each week of the season to determine eligibility. Any student athlete who has an “F” in any subject, will be ineligible for the following 5 school days. Weekly grade checks will occur on Friday. If the student has raised their failing grades, the athlete will regain eligibility for the following week. 
      • Incomplete (I) may be given additional consideration for extenuating circumstances.
      • During the 5 days of ineligibility, the student/athlete may practice.
    • A student athlete who is in a prescribed special education class or 504 program and is not meeting academic eligibility will have grades reviewed to ensure all accommodations are being implemented. This review will be comprised of an administrator, parent, special education teacher and the teacher from the class the student is failing.


    • 3:00- 4:30 M-W each week of the season starting Tuesday, September 6, unless there is a game scheduled. (Thursday practices will be held from 2:00-3:30).
    • Transportation is not provided after practice, so each athlete will need to plan for their own transportation at 4:30 PM on days of practice.
    • Practices are mandatory if athletes expect to participate in the meets. If a student athlete is not able to attend a practice, they must inform their coach prior to the practice.
    • Attendance will be taken daily. Student athletes should arrive to practice in a timely manner.
    • Athletes are required to have a minimum of 4 practices before the first competition.


    • Meadow Hill will supply jerseys for the competition as well as all the equipment needed.
    • Shin guards are required.
    • Cleats are recommended but not required.  Football cleats are not allowed.
    • Athletes are responsible for bringing the following to all practices and games:
      • Athletic apparel-clothing you can move in, tennis shoes.
      • Water bottle
      • Snacks if wanted.
      • Warm clothes: Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. 


    We appreciate any volunteers that will be willing to assist during the games.

    Please visit our volunteer website here to begin the onboarding process!