• Period 2 and 3  

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    Class codes for access to google classroom: 

     Per. 2:    xidxujv
     Per. 3:    sw4ftkq
    Some assignments and tests will be linked through Google classroom/edulastic    

    Logging into google classroom video. 

    In the 1st quarter we are working on Transformation Geometry, Dilations, Line and Angle Relations, and Unit Rates and Proportions. 

    In the 2nd quarter we are working on Proportions to Linear Realations, Functions, especially those related to linear functions, and Systems of Linear Equations. 

    In the 3rd quarter we are working on Scatter Plots and Two-Way Frequency Tables, Number Systems, and the Pythagorean Theorem.

    In the 4th quarter, we will finish up with Exponents and Scientific notation and the volume of Curved Figures. 


    Click here for the Scope and Sequence with Prioritized Standards


    Mr. Beaudin

Math 8th Grade

Carnegie Learning Course 3