pumpkinOctober is such a fun month to explore sounds that go bump in the night.  We created a soundtrack to an old 1930s cartoon, Mickey Mouse and the Haunted House.  We explored what instruments or found sounds would fit sounds necessary for the film.  The last day of class, we recorded the sounds they chose for the soundtrack and Ms Nygren, our librarian, edited it into a final project.  Each class was responsible for about a quarter of the film.  Ms Nygren and I both tried to download it here without success, but students can access it on their Google drive.

    Finally, after two long years, we are playing recorders again.  If you ordered a recorder, they should arrive by October 10.  If you took aschool recorder home, please remember to leave it in your backpack and cover it when you aren't playing it.  It needs to come back to school when you are in music.  Here are some BA and BAG songs to practice at home:  BA Blues  BA Jam  BAG Medley






  • Galop from "The Comedians" by Dimitri Kabelevsky

    Listening to classical music really can be fun and engaging!  We learned about Russian composer, Dimitri Kabelevsky, extended form and instruments in the orchestra.  Grab a scarf, click on the link above and have fun with your child moving to this raucous, lively orchestral piece. 

    Composer fun facts:  

    1.  He was born in St Petersburg, Russia

    2.  He was born in 1904.  (We figured out that would make him 116 if he were alive today!)

    3.  His favorite instrument has 88 keys.  What is it?

    4.  He also liked to paint and write poetry

    5.  He enjoyed teaching music to young children.

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