• Welcome Back!

    Posted by Katherine Koster on 1/6/2020

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday break. The next couple of months of school are going to be filled with fun and engaging learning.

    Math: We will be adding and subtracting fractions. We start by using visual models to help build student's rational understanding prior to learning the "tricks" of fractions. 

    Science: We will be starting our robotics and automation unit.    

    ELA: We will be investigating the natural resources and how we use natural resources to meet our needs. Students will research with a variety of informational resources.  

    Social Studies: We will learning about events that lead up to the American Revolutionary War. 

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  • Week of December 2

    Posted by Katherine Koster on 12/2/2019


    Week of December 2nd 

    • On December 10 and December 11 we will be partnering with a local ceramic artist to make ceramic face vessels. According to Smithsonian, ceramic face vessels were introduced in American in the mid-1800s.  These vessels were made by slaves in South Carolina.  This art experience connects with our Social Studies lessons on colonization, the 13 colonies, and slavery in America.
      • These lessons can not be made up if a student is absent. It is important that all students attend school. 

     Face Vessel National Museum of American History https://www.si.edu/spotlight/american-face-vessels



    • In science, we will be exploring the question "Are Grizzly Bears Ready for Delisting?"  Students will be analyzing and evaluating scientific data in order to come to a conclusion regarding the delisting of Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
    • In ELA, we will be learning about the Inuit tribe and how they have adapted to their environment.  We will read a book called The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing Arctic Innovations. This is an amazing nonfiction book. 
    • In math, we will continue to practice division. Please remember that mastery of the standard algorithm for division is not a requirement for fifth grade. It is okay if your child is using other strategies to solve the problems.


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  • Conferences

    Posted by Katherine Koster on 11/11/2019


     Image result for parent conferences clip art

    Your child has been working hard on their conference presentation. They are excited to share them with you this week.

    I look forward to meeting with you during your scheduled conference time. If you have not signed up for conferences, please contact me via email or phone in order to arrange a time.

    Wednesday- Normal School Schedule

    Thursday- 11:35 Dismissal

    Friday- No School


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  • Classroom Expectations

    Daily Assignments

    During the school day, students are expected to work on group and individual assignments. Students are responsible for putting forth their best effort on all assignments and finishing their assignments on time. Depending on the assignment, unfinished assignments might be assigned for homework or they might be finished in class the next day.  


    Students will be given an assignment notebook where all assignments, projects, and other reminders will be written. We will go over this notebook daily in class.  Please review it at home nightly.  

    Student homework will vary throughout the year.  To make homework manageable for you and your family, please prioritize homework.

    • Look at the due dates. Long term projects can be completed over multiple nights. 
    • All reading assignments, ELA and Social Studies, should be the highest priority. These assignments will need to be completed to participate in the classroom assignment.
    • Math assignments allow students a chance to practice what was taught in class. If you are in a pinch, shorten or skip math homework. It is okay to turn it in a day or two late as long as you communicate with me.
    • Use class time to complete assignments. You will have at least 15-30 minutes every day to complete work.  

    Friday Positive

    All fifth-grade teachers participate in Friday Positive.  It is from 2:30-3:00 every Friday.  Students can choose a fun activity to participate in or they can go to study hall to complete unfinished assignments. Study Hall is a time for students to use school hours to complete missing homework or daily assignments.   


    In the case of an absence, students are responsible for completing all missed work including notes, tests, and projects.  For every day missed, students have one day to complete their work.

    If you are planning on being gone for an extended amount of time, please let me know as soon as possible so I can prepare assignments ahead of time. It is important to follow school policy when leaving for an extended amount of time. 


    Our classroom is a food-free zone. All celebrations are food free. 

    Field Trips (Traveling Classroom)

    All field trips are an extension of the learning that is happening in the classroom. As a result, it is expected that all students follow school expectations at all times while on a field trip. In addition to school expectations, traveling classroom expectations include but are not limited to the following:

        • No electronics can be used on the trip.
        • Respect all of the adults who are teaching and working with our group. Listen to them- they are experts! 
        • Respect all of the peers in your group, and work together to be successful. 
        • Be safe by walking from place to place, staying calm and quiet, and being cautious.
        • Stay with your assigned group at all times. 
        • Follow all directions promptly. 
        • Stay buckled up and calm while on the bus, and use a quiet speaking voice.
        • Be prepared for all conditions: Bring your backpack with a raincoat, a hat, extra layers, lunch and a bottle of water. You may bring a book for the bus ride.  
        • Be responsible: Students are responsible for their belongings and behavior at all times. 
        • Plan Ahead: Due to the physical constraints of our locations and the time constraints of activities, bathroom breaks are extremely limited. 



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