• Covid Safety Chant

    In addition to learning a chant about staying safe at school and home during a viral pandemic, students explored making creative shapes with their bodies at low, medium and high levels at the end of each refrain.


    I Have a Car

    This version is slightly different than the one we learned in class but the students will recognize it.  We learned this song for audiation practice and just the sheer joy and fun of it.


    Go! Go! Go!

    One for the money.  Two for the show.  Three to get ready. Now, go, go, go!

    The students used this poem as a springboard to mallet technique and improvisation.


    Land of the Silver Birch

    One of the books the second grade teachers are using as part of their ELA curriculum is faw Friends Around the World, which explores lives of other children their age from New York City, Vietnam, northern Canada and Australia.  "Land of the Silver Birch" is a well known Canadian folk song and the kids really loved learning and singing it.


    Waltzing Matilda

    This is another ELA connection with the book, Friends Around the World.  This folk song is well-known throughout Australia and exposes students to unfamiliar vernacular in an english speaking country.

Second Grade Music Skills

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