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  • Week of April 26th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 4/2/2021 4:00:00 PM
    • It was so great to have your children back for our first full week of this school year. Here are a few reminders:
    • Picture Day is on Tuesday. Please send your order forms back/and or order pictures online.
    • There will not be another homework packet until April 16th for our next Remote day which is on April 19th.  Until then please have your child bring their folder every day as it helps to organize other papers and notices from the office.  Continue to fill out reading logs as that is the only expected homework.
    • Next week we start PE. Your child will need to have a pair of shoes other than boots that are suitable for running and playing in PE.
    • Book orders were sent home today and will be due the following Friday.
        Have a great Easter weekend, and please let me know if your child will be absent for any additional days.  
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  • Spring Break

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 3/11/2021 3:00:00 PM

    I enjoyed meeting with you all for your child's conference.

    Yesterday I sent home a packet for your child to work on during the Monday following our break. There will only be a couple of more packets that will be sent home with your child for the days which are remote Mondays.  I will also have office hours available. Please let me know if you would like/need to meet from 9-10. I will be available by phone or Zoom.  Please complete any unfinished packets and turn them in as this will be used as your child's homework effort grade.

    Enjoy your break, and I'll see your child back on March 23rd.

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  • March 5th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 3/5/2021 4:00:00 PM

    Thanks so much for the donation to purchase two air purifiers for our classroom. We received them yesterday and used them today. I feel so much safer having them in our classroom. They give off a really relaxing and calming white noise.  Please make sure to pay Jen Sheldon if you were able to contribute.  It is greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to seeing/speaking with you all next week during conferences. Please look over your child's report card and work that was sent home yesterday. We will have only 15 minutes to talk, so please be prepared with any questions or concerns that you might have.  Also, please be on time as I will have to keep to a very busy schedule.

    Book orders were sent home yesterday. Please have checks and/or online orders completed by Monday morning.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine. There is NO school next Friday.


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  • Conferences Sign-up

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 2/25/2021 3:00:00 PM

    Here is the sign up for your child's conference. They will again be over Zoom or phone. Please copy and paste the link into your browser to access the times. I look forward to meeting with all of your again.


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  • Classroom Updates

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 2/19/2021 5:00:00 PM

    Hello Families,

    I was just informed that Mondays will stay remote up until at least the week before Spring Break. That means that your child is responsible for demonstrating that they are working/learning "remotely" at home.  Homework was sent home today and will be sent home for those weeks as well. Ideally, I would like the packets returned on Tuesdays (in their green folders), but please keep them if needed until your child has time to complete it fully.  Additionally, there is an effort grade on the report card for which your child will be evaluated considering their efforts.  Also, please keep filling out those reading logs. I have been replacing and collecting filled out forms as they come in.

    I am so pleased with the amazing attendance that we have had! I think that all students were here and on time for every day this week. I think that they are gradually adjusting better to the larger groups. I am seeing some anxiety that is presenting as upset stomachs and frequents trips to the bathroom, which seem to be anxiety or stress induced. This has lead to lots of great conversation in our classroom about such things as coping skills and distinguishing between upset stomaches and nervous stomaches. Please let me know if your child has shared anything with you that I should be aware of. Most of the time these issues aren't brought up until conferences and I prefer to take care of situations as they arise.

    Speaking of conferences, I will sending out the Sign-Up Genius time slots next week via e-mail.  Conferences will again be through Zoom or over the phone.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    Here is a message that Jen Sheldon would like for me to share with you: 

    Hello fellow 1P families,
    I am reaching out to see if there would be enough interest and ability to chip-in towards an air purifier for the classroom of 1P.
    While the HVAC system and air quality within Rattlesnake school meets Covid-19 recommendations, the air purifier would be an extra precaution to help protect our children and their amazing teacher, Mrs. Pertrini.   
    If you are interested in chipping in, please email Jen Sheldon at or you can venmo me at @jennifer-r-sheldon be sure to put 1P air purifier in the comments.
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  • First Days Back as a Full Class

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 1/29/2021 4:00:00 PM

    We have successfully completed our first 4 day week as a full class, and I feel like it went very well. We spent some time talking and writing about our feelings throughout the week. We compared/contrasted positives and negatives of small groups and large groups. We did lots of problem solving and practiced many classroom procedures.

    Some of their concerns were that they felt nervous and shy about the larger group. Many students felt excited, happy, shy, and couldn't wait to have more friends. 
    Today most students shared that they felt happy to be back as a large group.  There was some stress as well as it was harder to meet everyone's needs (especially during math), and I was unable to see that they needed me until our time was up and a few students panicked and started to cry. This provided an opportunity for us to talk about how to get needs met, check with me for understanding, and to use good time management by getting started right away. Next week we will have para support for 2 times during the day, which will also help. I certainly don't want any stressed out first graders!
    This week we will continue to only have the reading log as homework. Please fill it out as consistently as you are able. Feel free to leave it in their folder until it gets filled. I'll take it out and replace it with a new one. Please email with any questions.  Folders are to come back and go home every day of school.
    Thanks for your help with regular bedtime schedules and getting your child to school on time. Have a great weekend!
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  • Phase 2

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 1/21/2021 4:00:00 PM

    I am looking forward to welcoming our entire class starting next.  I will be working hard to set up our classroom in a way that will keep up as safe as possible. I have been talking with my students about what they can do to help out as well as our feelings about the change.  I am always so amazed with the insight and resilience that they demonstrate.  

    At this time we will not be sending home packets nor continuing our Seesaw remote learning.  This week I did send home work as it was already printed and ready to go. I told the kids that this work is optional and does not need to be turned in next week. I will continue to send home a reading log for you to record their minutes reading/listening to books.
    Please send green folders daily for correspondence and other notes and forms that may come from school.
    Our first week together will be spent reviewing and practicing classroom procedures.  I'll let you all know how it goes at the end of the week.
    I appreciate your support and offers for help as we move into this next stage.
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  • Week of January 11th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 1/15/2021 4:00:00 PM
    • There will be no Seesaw homework next week as Monday is a holiday.


    • Book orders are due next week.
    • Please help prepare your child to come back to school for more days by helping them get into a consistent sleep schedule.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.
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  • Week of December 14th

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 12/14/2020 2:00:00 PM

    This week is Spirit Week.  Tuesday and Thursday is PJ day and/or holiday sweater days. Wednesday and Friday are hat/headband holiday or festive button days.

    Please have your child return their library books on their first days back.  They will get one more opportunity to check out books this week if they return their current books.
    We will send homework this week, but there will not be additional work even though the break is longer. Enjoy your time together.
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  • Homework Updates

    Posted by Amy Petrini on 12/5/2020 6:00:00 PM

    As a first grade team we have discussed what you all shared with us regarding homework during conferences and have made some adjustments/added work. Remember that they should be doing 1 1/2 hours of work per day for the 3 days that they are not in school. That should allow time for their packet, Seesaw assignments, and daily reading.    

    This week we have added a book to your child's homework folder. Please have your child practice reading it at least 3 times. When they are done and can confidently read it, have them read it to me via the Seesaw assignment.  Some books may be easier/harder for your child, but this will give us a starting point. Your child may write in and color in their books and keep them at home.
    Please always read over the packet with your child before they start it. Again, emphasize neatness (use pencils for writing) and accuracy such as correct letter/number formation, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Also, please look it over before they bring it back to turn it in.
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