• Three Little Muffins

    In music class, the kindergarten students explore using different kinds of voices.....singing, speaking, whispering and shouting. 


    Do you know the muffin man?

    Kindergartners are introduced to musical instruments on the first day of class.  We start with unpitched percussion instruments like these rhythm sticks, sometimes called lummi sticks.  At home, kiddos and use sticks they find outside or pencils to show different ways of using their instruments to keep a steady beat.  On different days, we also used egg shakers, tambourines, cowbells and wood blocks.

    lummi sticks  egg shakers  cowbell    wood block  tambourine


    Hunt the Cows

    The kinders had fun learning about the affect of fast and slow with this fun movement song.


    We Cook Turkey

    Fast and slow was also reinforced with this fun song about Thanksgiving Day lefovers.


Music Skills Report

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