Inclusion Validation Action Learning Understanding Equity

  • In the 2019-20 school year, Missoula County Public Schools formed the IVALUE group with the intention of creating an inclusive MCPS community. Members included professionals in the field of anti-bias and racial justice work and many more were recruited to represent the MCPS community. The group worked for approximately 3 months to brainstorm and plan work actions that would be made by the group. The work of the group was paused due to the pandemic. After reviewing the progress and determining a place to pick back up, the following changes are proposed:

    1. All future work around diversity, equity and inclusion within MCPS should have a primary focus of centering the experience and growing the leadership of specific groups within the District including: BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color), members of the LGBTQIA+ community, members of various religious communities, individuals who speak a language other than English or who come from other countries, and individuals who experience economic, physical or developmental challenges.
    2. A leadership team should be established that includes those with experience and expertise in anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion training and work.
    3. The other members of the I VALUE working group  who are invested in the process but need additional training would create a cohort of allies and supporters. The leadership team could delegate specific tasks to this group, and this group would be among the first cohorts to receive training. They would act as leaders within the MCPS community in implementing social change.
    4. Identify and take action on known issues while concurrently planning, training and researching.
  • MCPS IVALUE Working Group Presentation to the Board of Trustees