• Webpage Editing Tutorial

     Signing in:

    ·         Go to www.mcpsmt.org/washington and click Sign In in the upper right corner.

    ·         Your regular school login and password will get you in.


    Edit Your Overview Page:

    ·         In the upper right corner, click Site Manager.

    ·         A new window will appear…. This is where you can edit your page and your team page.

    ·         On the far left side there is a column that shows the pages you are allowed to edit. The top one is you individual page and the one below it is your team page. If you are a coach or do other fun things, you may have other pages you can edit as well.  

    ·          Currently the main view is showing your individual page in edit mode.

    ·         Before moving on, please click on the button that says Recycle Bin and delete its contents. I went through a lot of trial and error setting this up and that stuff in there should just be deleted! When done, click the Summary tab to get back to the main screen.

    ·          If you look to the middle of the screen you will see the word Overview. If you click on it, it will bring you to a text box that you can add information such as your contact info, pictures, and a blurb about yourself.

    ·         If you need more than one text box to organize your page or would like to add other apps to your overview section, see the Advanced Editing section at the end of this document.  


    Adding other Pages: (This includes adding a section for Assignments, a Calendar, Announcements, etc):

                    (These pages will be displayed as links in the left hand column of your Overview page)


    Adding a Calendar Page (Individual Page):

    ·         Click the green New Pages button and select the Calendar Page (Default).

    ·         It will then ask you to give your calendar a name (eg. Ms. Keilman’s Calendar).  Do it.

    ·         Click Save.

    ·         Now you should see your new Calendar page link under your Overview page link. Click it.

    ·         To add events, such as homework, projects, etc… Click Add Event. You will be able to figure it out from there…

    o   Helpful hint: Make homework assignments an all day event by checking the box so you don’t have to deal with editing the time.

    o   Don’t forget to hit Save when done!

    ·         To view what your calendar looks like, click View Website at the top of the screen.

    o   VERY COOL THING: When viewing your page, you will see a green iCal button over on the right hand side. Students and parents can click on this and it will help them to have your calendar show up on the calendar they use daily on their phone or computer!

    Adding an Assignments Page (Individual Page):

    ·         Click the green New Pages button and select the Assignments Page (Default).

    ·         It will then ask you to give your page name (eg. Science Homework).  Do it.

    ·         Click Save.

    ·         Now you should see your new Assignments page link under your Overview page link. Click it.

    ·         The rest should be pretty straightforward…. Don’t forget to click View Website at the top of the screen to see what it will look like for your students!

    o   VERY COOL THING:  You may have noticed you can add these assignments to you calendar! When you are entering an assignment click the Post to Calendar tab. Then select the Add to Calendar check box. Then select Calendar App (not the one you named, but the one that says Calendar App) from the list. Last, choose an assignment category for the calendar if you wish. Then click Activate on My Page and Save!

    §  You should now see the assignment when you go to your calendar as well.


    Adding a Links Page:

    ·         Click the green New Pages button and select the Link Library Page (Default).

    ·         Name your page (eg. Science Links) and click Save.

    ·         Add new links by clicking New Link

    ·         Enter the name of the link. You can also enter a description if you want below the name.

    ·         Enter the link address. It will only accept the address if you put http:// in the front!!!!!


    ***** If you have gotten this far, you should be pretty savvy at building your webpage. Feel free to try out other pages, etc. on your own and see what they can do!

    Advanced Editing:

    ·         To add more data to a single page, such as your Overview page, you will need to add apps.

    ·         To add apps to the overview screen that people first see when they visit your page, you can click on the Overview Page button (see below) …

    Website Tabs

    and select Manage Apps and Layout.

    ·         There are a variety of apps here and if you add them they will appear on the overview page with your original text box. You can mess around with the layout in this area as well. T

    o   To add another text box, select the Flex Editor App (which is a fancy way of saying another text box).

    o   You can also add a calendar or announcement app here as well as many others, depending on how you want your page to look.

    o   You can also mess around with the layout of your homepage here.  My advice would be to try adding a few apps and select some different layouts and view them to see what they will look like.

    However, If this all looks too messy… You can just use separate pages to create your webpage for easier viewing… see basic directions above.

    Team/Department Pages:

    You can set up your team/department pages just like you set up your individual page. Everyone on your team/department should have access to edit their team/department page.