Printing Requests

  • The Print Shop is intended to provide printing services to meet the needs of the District.  All of these services need to be accomplished in a cost efficient and timely manner.  In order to best support the needs of the District, the Print Shop needs you to use the following guidelines when requesting printing.

    Time Requirements

    • Date Needed:  Please use a calendar when determining when the job needs to be completed.  (Please look at the date you will need the printing returned.)
    • Do not schedule work to be completed on a weekend or holiday.  (These requests will be automatically delayed until the next working day or later depending upon the work load.)
    • Due dates of "ASAP" will be completed as time allows.
    • Plan for the time it takes for the print request to travel from your building to the Print Shop and return.  (This is dependent upon the pick-up and drop-off times of the dray.)
    • Please be aware that 24 hour turn around time is not always possible.
    • Please allow more time for larger jobs.
    • Fridays and Mondays are high demand due dates.  (Using due dates of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday will help with receiving your completed print request on time.)
    • Stagger print requests.  Avoid submitting multiple print requests with the same due date.  The Print Shop is supporting a large customers base and to provide quick turn around service, each requester needs to avoid submitting multiple print requests due on the same day.
    • Carrying a Print Request to the Print Shop:  The priority for printing is dictated on a first come, first serve basis from the dray service.  (Hand delivering your request for print work will not give your request a higher priority.)

    Document Preparation 

    • Originals to be printed must be 'print' ready.  (Able to be placed directly onto the document feeder.)
    • Originals must fit the standard sizes of 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 by 14 paper.
    • Originals must be free of all attachments- not glued, taped, or stapled.  (Hint:  Make a copy of your final draft and send it to the Print Shop.)
    • For best picture quality, use grey scale pictures with good contrast.  (Hint: Yellow in color pictures does not copy well.)
    • Avoid large dark areas (i.e. dark photographs, borders, etc.).
    • Leave at last 1/4" margin on all four edges of the original.  (If not, the image will not print near the edge.)
    • No ragged edges (i.e. torn from a book, etc.).

     Additional Requirements 

    • Larger print jobs should be broken into small units for print requests.  (If possible, break the print job down into units, weekly, daily, etc.)
    • When ever possible, request front and back printing to save paper.
    • Items to be printed multiple times on the same sheet of papers should have the original that reflects that (no taping)

    Lost Print Shop Orders

    (95% of all calls looking for a print job are referred back to the school where the completed jobs are subsequently located.)
    • Contact your building's secretary and custodian to assist in locating print job before calling the Print Shop.
    • Review the print job order to make sure your name, building, and delivery dates were included.


    The Print Shop will comply with the Board of Trustees Copyright Compliance Policy, 2312P.  Requests for printing which violate this policy will be returned without action.

    The Print Shop is focused on providing reliable and high quality printing services with quick turn around time to support the educational needs of the District.  For questions, please call ext. 1069 or 1033.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    Following these steps will assist in receiving your print request in a completed, timely manner with good quality.


Online Printing Requests

  • The Print Shop accepts printing requests electronically.  Simply download the printing request form and complete.  Email the completed form and the printing file to  Please allow appropriate completion times as indicated and follow proper printing request guidelines.