General Health Information

  • Health Screenings

    • Vision: Students have their vision screened in preschool and K-5th. You will be notified of the results if they “fail” the screening. Screening may be done other years if requested.
    • Hearing: Hearing screening is coordinated by the speech therapists / audiologists. All kindergarten, 1st and 10th graders are screened as well as new students from out of state and students upon referral. 


    Parents are always welcome to administer their own child’s medications during the school day. However, please do not ask school staff to do so without a health care provider's order.

    For your convenience, there is a “standing order” form that is already signed by a physician for recommended doses of Tylenol, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) Tums and Benadryl. If your child needs to have these medications,  a parent needs to bring a supply to the school and sign the permission form.  The high schools do "stock" these medications so parents do not need to bring in the medication but a permission form must be signed.

    All other medications, including prescribed medications, over the counter medication (like Tylenol) and CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medications; like vitamins or herbs) need to have a permission slip signed by your child’s health care provider and yourself prior to any staff administering the medication OR allowing your child to take the medication themselves.  Please hand-deliver any medication in pharmacy or manufacture labeled bottles directly to the school secretary. Students are not allowed to carry medications unless they are life-saving medications, please ask for correct forms. Please read about our medication procedures (see link on main health page).


    All students must have written proof from a health care provider or previous school of adequate immunization before they may attend school as per state law. The only exceptions are for current medical or religious exemptions or a signed conditional attendance form. For more information, see the Immunization webpage


    Health History

    Please fill out the form completely and always make sure that the school has the current phone numbers to reach a parent. If your child has a significant health concern such as diabetes, needs tube feedings or assistance with breathing treatments, please call the school nurse at 728-2400 ext. 1073. If they have a life-threatening allergy, ask the K-8 school secretary or nurse for a packet of information. If you have questions or concerns after reviewing this information, feel free to call the nurse.


    Nursing Staff

    Nursing Staff: Elementary and Middle schools do not have a nurse who stays in each school building.  Nurses come to the buildings intermittently mainly for screenings and administering some medications. Big Sky, Hellgate and Sentinel High Schools do have a nurse in the building.