Proposed District Initiatives

  • Setting K-12 shared goals for the 2022-23 school year.

Wellness and Self Care

  • Focus on SEL for students and staff to build healthy school climates that empower teaching and learning.

    (Stacey York PD, SEL Instruction and shared outcomes, Community Health Coalition, iValue)

Cradle to Career Literacy

  • Focus on best instructional practices grounded in the science of reading and advances in neuroscience to ensure grade level reading at all levels.

    (Carrie Cole training, Teacher Clarity, Standards based instruction and reporting, City-wide literacy campaign/coalition, literacy in content areas.)

Arts Integration

  • Aligned Professional Development for teachers, pre-service teachers, school leaders and community partners to build instructional capacity for arts integration across the P-12 continuum.

    (SPARK, CTE, Student Voice)

P-12 Communities of Practice

  • Define and develop a coordinated P-5 Learning community including P-5 leaders, educators, community members, and families that works to identify high-impact practices and opportunities to ensure all students are kindergarten ready by age 5 and all MCPS students continue to learn and thrive throughout the elementary years.

    (KEA collaboration, Leadership PD and coaching, new admin mentoring program, setting instructional outcomes, PLCs)

Community Engagement

  • Improving teaching and learning through intentional community partnerships, collaborative teams, and shared priorities will lead to improved educational, health, and social outcomes for Missoula youth and families.

    (Community Schools, volunteer portal, Zero Waste, PTAs)