MCPS COVID-19 Taskforce Committee

  • The dynamic nature of COVID-19 has increased our need as a District to be flexible and quick in our decision making process, specifically on items that impact the entire district. As we started the school year, it was believed that the Board meetings twice per month would be enough to solicit feedback from the Board regarding administrative recommendations. However, with the data regarding COVID-19 changing so quickly, administration has seen a need for more frequent meetings.  The MCPS COVID Taskforce Committee meets more frequently.  The committee includes stakeholders from administration, teachers and classified staff groups as well as members of the Board of Trustees and parents and community members.

    The committee will discuss current district and community COVID data as well as feedback from the county health department. The committee will also receive updates regarding other district operations as they relate to COVID and in-person learning. The purpose of the committee will be to provide feedback to administration regarding COVID response and provide information to the Board of Trustees as they consider future recommendations.


COVID-19 Task Force Committee Members:

Public Comment - MCPS Board of Trustees

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