Business Services Contact Information

  • BUSINESS SERVICES (Budgets, Contracts, Property Deeds, Property & Liability Insurance, Student Injury Claims, Elections & Federal Grants) 

    ACCOUNTING (Budgets, Accounts Receivable, Audit, Student Tuition, Scholarships, Professional Leave, Federal Grants, Tyler MUNIS training/navigation)

    ACCOUNTS PAYABLE (Payables & Expense/Reimbursement Claims)

    PAYROLL (Timesheets, W-4s, Direct Deposit, Paycheck Info)

    PURCHASING (Processing Purchase Orders, Costco & Walmart Cards)

    WORKERS COMPENSATION (Property & Liability Insurance, Student Injury Claims, Work Comp., and Budget assistance)

    • TBD, Workers Comp & Budget Coordinator, Ext. 3035 

    OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE (Building/Grounds Maintenance, Custodians, Building Rental Requests, Bond Projects, Student Transportation)

    FOOD SERVICES (Breakfast/Lunch for Students, Free and Reduced Lunch, Kitchen Staff)

    WAREHOUSE (Store Bulk Supplies, Shipping/Receiving, Interschool Delivery & Movement)