Asthma Information

  • Asthma is a common condition in school age children.  While it's not uncommon for children to have some occasional problems due to asthma, almost all children are able to be active and rarely miss school due to their asthma.  We encourage you to consider supplying a quick relief inhaler at the school office in case your child needs one even if your child normally carries their inhaler.  The permission form for inhalers and nebulizers is required every 12 months and needs to be completed by both you and your child's health care provider.
    The school nurse will provide your child's teachers basic asthma 1st aid information when we are aware that your child has asthma.  If you feel your child needs additional measures at school, please contact your school nurse or the health services supervisor at (406)728-2400, ext. 1073.
    Missoula County Public Schools partners with the local health department to help ensure students with asthma are healthy.  Their program has helped many children live better with their asthma.  Initial visits can be done somewhere other than the home if needed and completion is always the family's choice.  If your child has any of the points listed under "Eligibility" or the following, please consider this program.
    • Your child misses more than 1 day (or two partial days) of school every 1-2 months because of their asthma symptoms.
    • Your child is not always able to exercise due to asthma symptoms.
    • Your child's sleep is affected by asthma symptoms.
    • Your child uses their quick acting inhaler (like albuterol) 2 or more days a week not including taking before exercise preventatively.
    Call the health department number directly for more information about this service and other asthma resources.  You may also tell the school nurse you would like your child to be referred to this program; signed release will be needed.